Why is it necessary to hire a professional makeup artist to do my makeup?

While you may be good at applying your own makeup on a day to day basis, your wedding day is special and you want to look even better than you do in your day to day life. Trained makeup artists are educated in which products are photo friendly and which ones will literally ruin you pictures with flash photography. How much are you investing on your photographer to catch the moments you want to look back on years from now? This is the time to not only treat yourself to a very relaxing and pampering experience, but to also insure that your photos are going to look their best, your makeup is going to last through the ceremony and reception, and you will have a little pampering time right before walking down the aisle and saying “I DO!”

Why is a bridal preview so important?

There are almost too many reasons to list for this question, but let’s just say that we believe so strongly in a bridal preview that we felt we HAD to include it in every package we offer. In our opinion, it isn’t an option so we don’t offer it as one. Bridal Previews can take anywhere from two to three hours on average. During this time we get to know you and learn what look you are comfortable with and what you’re not. There is a lot of interacting during the preview, doing things step by step with you looking in the mirror along the way, and nailing down the EXACT look you want. Think you want a smoky eye? Try doing a Google search for “smoky eyes” and see the huge range of eye looks that come up! What one person may consider a smoky eye may be the same look someone else wears for an everyday look. What another may consider a true smoky eye may be WAY more makeup than someone else is comfortable wearing.

Bottom line? Makeup is art, and its beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Our ultimate goal is to make sure every person that sits in our chair feels like she is the most beautiful she has ever looked when she steps out. YOU are the only one who knows what makes you feel beautiful and at the end of your trial, we’ll know it too. We’ll take pictures and make detailed notes as to the exact products we used so there is no confusion later. On your wedding day, you get exactly what you loved at the preview.

Is it okay to wax my eyebrows or face before my wedding or event?

Never wax any part of your face any sooner than about 5 – 7 days before your event. Makeup won’t stick to freshly waxed skin, and there is also the possibility of irritation and breakouts. It’s best to wax a week before and if there are a few stray eyebrow hairs, we can always tweeze them during the makeup application

Is it okay to get a facial before my wedding?

If you’ve had facials before and know how your skin reacts to them it’s probably okay to get a facial a week or so before. It’s not ever ideal to get a facial too close to the wedding day because there is always a possibility of breakouts. If you have never had a facial before, it is not recommended that you try it for the first time anytime soon before your wedding.

My lips always seem to be dry and chapped, and lipstick just makes them look worse. Is there any way to get my lips in better condition?

Yes! Make a “paste” of fresh lemon juice and sugar. Gently massage the mixture onto your lips as often as you’d like. Once or twice a day is ideal, unless you have any sensitivity to it. The sugar is a mild exfoliant and the citric acid aids in removing any dead skin. Follow each treatment with a good lip balm. This should have your lips kissably soft in time for the big day! Your lips should feel noticeably softer after only one treatment. If you experience any irritation, that is NOT normal. Use only every other day if irritation occurs, or discontinue entirely.

I’d like to get a spray tan. Will that rub off on my dress?

If you decide to get a spray tan before your wedding, do it two days before. The tanning solution that is sprayed on has a bronzer “guide” that allows the person applying it to see where it’s going and make sure you are sprayed evenly. This guide WILL wash off, but that is not your tan! Your tan will develop and your skin will actually darken. You should wear loose clothing after your tan and don’t shower for at least 8 hours. After you’ve showered off the bronzer, your tan will NOT transfer onto clothing.

We offer spray tanning that provides a rich, beautiful tan color. Never orange with drips or streaks! We use a very high quality tanning solution that is actually GOOD for your skin, and the technique we use will not leave you with any splotchy areas.